CNCC Endeavors to Secure the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation

6th Jun, 2017

Served 24 meeting services within one single day, 20,000 people at daily peak mealtime, the press center continuously operated for 44 hours……CNCC was the venue which receipted the largest number of attendees, the largest number of meetings, the largest number of service units. On 15thMay, 2017, the relevant person in charge of the reception of "The Belt and Road Forum for

International Cooperation” introduced the overall situation, explained how to provide high quality "China Service".

Mr. Wei Mingqian (Executive General Manager of CNCC) introduced that “as the main reception venue of “The Belt and Road International Cooperation Forum”, CNCC held the Forum’s opening ceremony, high-level plenary session, 6 thematic sessions, bilateral meetings and other major activities. Belt and Road Forum used the whole CNCC, nearly 70 meeting rooms for the opening ceremony, parallel forum, bilateral meetings and VIP signing etc, over 24 meetings.

For CNCC, compared with other international events in the past, Belt and

Road Forum is a higher level international event which requires much higher standard towards venue service. So CNCC began a comprehensive preparation since the end of 2016, refined guarantee plan, did all kinds of rehearsal. In order to improve service quality, CNCC popularized "The Belt and Road" background knowledge, did special training projects such as protocol, fire control, CPR etc.

In terms of catering, during the Belt and Road Forum, CNCC assured enough safety and delicious food to all the delegates, journalists, staffs more than

10,000 people. The chef team started early in catering design for the Forum,

Created a platform to display the Silk Road culture and Beijing features, provided excellent dining experience to the delegates. The number of diners was up to 20,000 people at daily peak mealtime.

In terms of dishes, according to background of representatives with different tastes and dining custom, the chef team came up with designed and the fancy dishes, including “bloom and prosper”, “flowers roses cake”, “assorted mini Naan” and “The court kidney bean rolls” more than ten kinds of snacks.

CNCC Endeavors to Secure the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation Mandy Meng _ 27/05/2017

In terms of dining table setup, the chef team combined the theme of Belt and

Road, local customs and culture of countries along the route etc, designed a total of more than 40 groups, nearly 1,000 characteristics setup, included “the

Great Wall”, “desert style”, “brave the wind and waves”, “hundreds of flowers in bloom”, “four great Inventions” etc. by using the dough modeling, sugar art, fruit and vegetable carving process.

Besides, CNCC was also responsible for the press center’s service. The total area of press center was nearly 10,000 square meters, comprehensive covered with free wireless network, had 15 functional areas, such as press release area, studio area and dining area etc, each functional area were equipped with staff and volunteers. Public work area had a total of 538 reporter seats. Each seat was provided with electric socket and cable jack, 24 hours of continuous power.


On the opening day, there were 4,495 registered Chinese and foreign media reporters. CNCC provided attentive service to journalists from different countries, in addition to providing meals, coffee breaks; CNCC also provided round-the –clock assurance to environmental health, power supply, and room temperature control etc. During Belt and Road Forum for International

Cooperation, the press center continuously operated for 44 hours.

Since the official open, CNCC has successfully received more than 6,300 conference and 570 exhibitions, covered the subjects of politics, trade, science and technology, health, sports, tourism, education and other fields. CNCC

Shows strong comprehensive strength and high quality service. This former

Olympic Architecture is not only a landmark in Beijing, but also a window to show the Chinese services to the world.

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