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16th Dec, 2016

Leuven, just a stone’s throw from Brussels, the capital of Belgium and headquarter of many associations, is both old and new. Vibrating because every year it’s conquered by thousands of students, traditional because its history goes way back. And now Leuven MindGate positions the Leuven region as a premier destination for Health, High-Tech and Creativity.

Home to KU Leuven, the oldest university in the Low Countries, the nano-electronics research centre IMEC, around 140 spin-offs, more than 130 high-tech companies and one of Europe’s most cutting-edge university hospitals, Leuven has, over the last decades, grown into a knowledge region. Excellence in education is built on and cultivated through excellence in research. The world’s leading anti-HIV drug, refined cochlear implants and Belgium having the highest number of clinical trials per capita in the world are only a few examples of cutting-edge developments.

Leuven calls itself the European centre of innovation and focuses in particular on attracting scientific conferences in the field of health, high-tech and creativity.

Leuven MindGate clusters the many knowledge institutes and technological platforms in Leuven. It’s a proof that Leuven offers great business and investment opportunities and it’s an inviting location to set up operations. Leuven’s knowledge institutes provide a very conductive environment for innovation and high-tech entrepreneurship. They also generate an impressive outflow of state-of-the-art knowledge that brings with it a myriad of innovative ideas for new and existing companies.

Leuven MindGate creates an innovative and real life science hub that will influence and convince associations in different scientific expertises to organise their conferences in Leuven. At the many high-tech companies in the region, the KU Leuven and one of Europe’s most modern and dynamic healthcare infrastructures Gasthuisberg, it will always be possible to find a link with the diverse topics of conferences. Maybe a company visit can be a good option for the social programme? Or one of the more than 1.000 professors or 4.500 PhD students at the KU Leuven can be the local host of your conference?

Leuven is close by and ready to host your association conference.
Leuven, the capital of the province of Flemish Brabant is very well situated. Brussels Airport (Zaventem) is the nearest airport (only 25 kilometre). The direct train link will take you to Leuven in just under 15 minutes.

Leuven has 20 hotels, offering 1.100 beds in total. The biggest 4 star hotel Novotel has 139 rooms and many hotels have modern conference facilities. You can find budget accommodation in e.g. Ibis Budget Hotel or have yourself some more luxury in Martin’s Kloosterhotel or Pentahotel in the centre of the city.

The largest auditorium in the city has 814 seats (Pieter De Somer, KU Leuven), but there is also the historical Irish College of Leuven where the 17th- century chapel houses a wonderful auditorium with 220 seats, featuring all the modern touches, such as simultaneous interpreting.

After a successful conference the gala dinner can be organised at the Faculty Club and will not fail to make a lasting impression on the delegates. Faculty Club welcomes you in the magnificent restored, ancient buildings of Leuven’s béguinages, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

All the different congress facilities, hotels, tourist attractions and authentic restaurants and bars are on walking distance because the centre of Leuven is compact. This makes the city easy to explore and one of the most important issues for conference organisers today: Leuven is known as a safe destination, where it’s cosy and green.

For more information on Leuven for association meetings and Leuven MindGate
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