UNEDESTINOS unites brazilian Convention Bureaux to promote destinations

16th Aug, 2016

In times of creative economy, fluid communication and collaborative content, staying alert to the trends and joining forces for the common benefit can make all the difference in the business world.

Although the immense size of Brazil might suggest that its states adopt an independent stance and become involved with strategic actions that only serve regional peculiarities, Unedestinos (National Union of Convention Bureaux and Destination Entities) took advantage of the very diversity of cultures and business possibilities to encourage union and a shared vision of how to market destinations and come up with initiatives that can be replicated, encouraged and expanded to include other markets.

This modern vision, which is aligned with the interests of corporate movements that seek to optimize time and the resources invested, is the underpinning of the entity, whose strategic axes are to represent the interests of its associates, share actions and train professionals to discover and promote destinations. In order to do so, in addition to the CVBs and associations of destinations, Unedestinos has had a Board comprising representatives from the main trade entities and a group of specialist technical consultants ever since its institution.

Unedestinos currently comprises 40 CVBs that last year alone supported and secured more than five thousand events for its destinations, representing approximately three thousand associate companies that are responsible for 110,000 direct jobs in the tourism, travel and events' production chain.

The entity also facilitates the joint participation of CVBX in events, conventions and trade shows, which enables visitors to have access to information about the diversity of Brazilian destinations.

 Such was the case with the Unedestinos booth at the 22nd Tourist Business Trade Show (BNT Mercosur), event that attracted 9000 tour operators from all over Brazil and several countries in South America as Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay.

Internationally, UNEDESTINOS was present at Fiexpo in Peru and at MPI WEC at Atlantic City where such destinations as Foz do Iguaçu, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo were able to present their beauties, differences and infrastructure for events.

Recently Unedestinos also held its second congress, Unecongresso II, where in partnership with LAMEC the Latin American Chapter Congress of MPI (Meeting Professional International), it presented trends and what's new through debates, panels, workshops, and case study presentations about the most relevant topics to the travel and events industry.

According to the International Events Director of the São Paulo Convention & Visitors, Elisabete Sorrentino, joining forces and informing visitors to trade shows and international events about the potential of Brazilian destinations by stressing the specificities and attractions of each location can facilitate the task of managers when it comes to choosing a destination according to their public.

Bruno Herbert, president of Unedestinos and president of the Recife CVB, says that intelligent actions like these show the entity's innovative spirit and the importance of what it proposes: to inform, share and professionalize the sector even more. 

About Unedestinos: The current portfolio of UNEDESTINOS' associates includes: the Goiânia CVB, Bonito CVB, Curitiba Region and Coast CVB, Iguassu CVB, Londrina Convention Bureau, Blumenau and Vale Europeu CVB, Chapecó and Region CVB, Floripa CVB, Joinville and Region CVB, Gramado & Canela CVB, Porto Alegre and Metropolitan Region CVB, Brasília CVB, Fortaleza CVB, Natal Convention Bureau, Convention Bureau João Pessoa, Porto de Galinhas CVB, Recife CVB, Maceió CVB, Salvador Destination, Espírito Santo CVB, Belotur, Uberlândia CVB, Rio CVB, Atibaia and Region CVB, Visit Campinas, Campos do Jordão and Region CVB, Guarujá CVB, Guarulhos CVB and São Paulo CVB.


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