Zaragoza, a conference city

29th Mar, 2017

Conference Infraestructure
Zaragoza is provided with a well-developed infrastructure for organizing conventions in this venue. The city offers a wide range of conference centers, of differing capacity, characteristics and equipment, both privately and publicly owned. Depending on the requirements for a particular event, whether small conferences or big conventions, the different conference centers are provided with inimitable technical services and well-qualified professionals.

Auditorium - Zaragoza Conference Palace
The Complex formed by the Zaragoza ́s Auditorium-Conference Palace and Mul purpose Hall, is a facility of big versa lity and it o ers many op ons for use in conferences and conven ons. It is located in a service area of the city where the Chamber of Commerce, several Town Hall o ces, sports facili es and hospitals can be found.

Palacio de Congresos de Zaragoza
Designed by the architects Nieto and Sobejana, the building traces a broken, variable (rising and falling) profile, in a dialogue with the various spaces housed within and expressively showing the presence of natural light and the building’s encounter with the terrain. It has two main areas which houses exhibition galleries and an auditorium respectively. In turn, a large common vestibule connects them to each other.

The auditorium, with room for a total audience of 1,500 people, has been designed with the purpose of making the stalls independent of the mezzanine, giving rise to two areas that host smaller conferences. The exhibition area, because of its emplacement, offers independent access, enabling it to be used for several exhibitions at once. A set of modular rooms laid out over levels complete the public building. The brightness and clarity that predominates in the building’s image during the day has their counterpoint at night, when the Conference Palace appears as a solid lightscape emerging from the ground.

Bercaja Patio de la Infanta: exhibitions and congresses
Ibercaja “Pa o de la Infanta” forms
part of the main Ibercaja building. It is used to deliver courses, conferences and house exhibitions. It has 
2 large halls: Aragon and Rioja for
 380 and 260 people, as well as the
Pirineos room with 40 seats used
for courses and the Alcarria room
where press conferences are held. It also has a 240 sq.m. hall that
houses temporary exhibitions of
contemporary art masters. A large
screen, located in the hall, informs visitors of all the activties of the Centre.

University Conference Center
Located in the city center, the auditorium is the landmark of the University of Zaragoza. BIC declared in 1978. Was projected as Faculty of Medicine and Sciences by architect Ricardo Magdalena and was opened in 1893. After its restoration in 2008, in addition to its institutional representative of the University, has become the reference cultural center, with a continuous program of activities, and venue of numerous conferences, presentations and scientific meetings. Cafeteria-restaurant-shop and bookstore.

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