2017-2018, I am Happy!

18th Dec, 2017


Has changed

And yet

I am more me 

Than I’ve never been.”

 This is poetry from Iain Thomas, one of the authors featured on the online community of poetry called Word Porn.  

In this year’s last edition, we discuss something we certainly know a few things about: Competition. In 2017, many things have changed in my life that, in the end, have made me so happy. A lot has changed in my company and publications; the company has become younger, happier and more creative.

I want to thank my team for setting up bases for a brighter future in 2017 and looking up to an even better 2018 full of new projects and ideas.

Jesus, Vivian, Elise, Katie and Vikas. Un grand merci!

My young staff members tell me from time to time that they have the feeling that we live in an industry where everyone always seems to say: ‘It is even better than last year.’ ‘There were even more delegates at the conference’ and ‘More square meters were sold’.

Could we call that an optimistic or a forged industry? Can we still stay true to ourselves in such an atmosphere or are we just acting on a big stage?

I sincerely dare say that 2017 was not an easy year for my company, as many of you may have known. But in the wise words of Iain Thomas, I repeat: ‘I have now a better future than before’.

In 2018, I go back to study, I go back to writing and doing investigative journalism. Fakers, take off your masks.

I conclude this letter on another sensitive note by quoting Charlie Chaplin:

Do we want to show a tear next year when we walk in the sun? If only it was one.’ 

How true! If only it was one, there would be more humanity in our industry!

I wish a happy New Year to all our readers,

Marcel A.M. Vissers


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