A Passport for the World of Meetings

19th Feb, 2020

Being able to work in a company with young people gives you such a good feeling! Here, new ideas can suddenly materialise, free from restrictions or any feeling that you are not being included.

Giving our database some thought, we discovered something brilliant. Our files contain many addresses of associations that are active in the agricultural sector or products derived from this. This was, in fact, triggered by the World Potato Congress in Adelaide, South-Australia, to be held in 2023 and a visit to the newest destination in South Africa, Limpopo, where the fruit of the marula tree is undergoing new developments.

We decided to flip the question around. Should we continue putting the destinations first – or would it be better to shed light on the associations in the promotional process?

Following further analysis of the HQ readership database, we calculated that around 19.3% of European and international associations that are specialised in agriculture – in the broadest sense of the word.

The ultimate thinking process led to the creation of the first ‘HQ Passport’. What we wish to give our readers is really a document for opening the gates of professional destinations.

We hope to help associations go through the right passage to a leading destination in their field. Every branch of industry is a gateway and there are thousands of them in the world of associations. We will be opening many of these gateways for organisers of conferences to show the way, with regard to how congresses and specialised conferences can be the beginning of a brand new economic asset.

After all, you must not forget that we are entering an era where the number of associations and destinations are expanding rapidly.

A fascinating future! Time to hand out passports.

Text by Marcel A.M. Vissers
Editor in Chief of HQ Magazine 

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