Washington International Association Forum: "A World in Motion"

7th Sep, 2022

Building on the success of the Geneva International Association Forum (GIAF) and the Brussels International Association Forum (BIAF), the Washington International Association Forum (WIAF) will bring discussion and learning on international association development to the US capital on 9 and 10 October.

WIAF will gather representatives of international and North American Associations, Non-Profits, Federations, Foundations, Societies, NGOs, AMC’s and International Meeting Planners.

WIAF aims at establishing an international leading platform and knowledge sharing event in one of the world’s flagship host destinations for professional associations and non-profit organisations, just like BIAF and GIAF in the European association hubs Brussels and Geneva.

"Washington, DC is home to many remarkable international associations that create value and drive impact for their members each and every day. That's why I'm thrilled that the Washington International Association Forum will be taking place this October to bring the international association community together for two days of learning and networking in one of the world's foremost intellectual capitals", says Tommy Goodwin, Vice President of the Exhibitions and Conferences Alliance and leading member of the WIAF Advisory Committee.

Kai Troll, President of Brussels based ASSOCIATIONWORLD the association behind WIAF, GIAF and BIAF said that, “WIAF is for international and domestic organisations based in the North America that want to expand and improve their international operations and activities to create more impact as well as for domestic organisations that are just exploring opportunities and are interested in discussing and defining their very own potential international approach and strategy. Learning about the does and don’ts on the international scene, understanding cultural barriers and learning how to overcome them.

At WIAF, we are discussing the how to’ and bring the discussion on international developments to the next level. Moving from the theory to making it really practical and sharing real life scenarios that work and/or don't work for associations.

WIAF will always be a boutique type of knowledge sharing forum. We are not seeking to becoming the biggest association meeting in North America, but the most holistic and best knowledge sharing platform and peer-to-peer exchange that drives the successful internationalisation of our community in North America”, Troll adds.

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