HQ #100 - July 2021

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One hundred is a number with many meanings. For example, turning 100 is something many people dream and look forward to, but one hundred can also mean that something is completed, done, over. For Headquarters Magazine, it means that the July 2021 issue is an unforgettable milestone, but not the last. Once upon a time we started with issue number 1, the beginning, the launch of a magazine specifically for international associations based in Brussels. And now, here we are... time flies!

In this #100 issue, we premiere the 2021 AIPC Member Survey Results on growing trends in convention centres, and unveil eight facts associations need to understand for successful future meetings. We spoke with Liz Ortiguera, the new CEO of the Pacific Asia Travel Association, and tried to figure out why event technology providers skyrocketed in the last year.

We showcase the latest projects from all our partners, from the GDS Movement, through the European Cities Marketing to the International Association of Professional Congress Organisers. We covered destinations such as Thailand, Porto and Houston, and learned how events are slowly returning to venues like the Adelaide Convention Centre or ACC Liverpool.

Also, don’t forget to read the exclusive interview with journalist and social scientist Marco D’Eramo, author of World in a Selfie: An Inquiry into the Tourist Age, about the future of tourism in the digital age.

An edition packed with great content and aimed to be a summary of all chapters and segments of the MICE industry. People used to say that the “best things in life come to those who wait”. Well, if that's true, we'll be here to help you with whatever comes, stays and goes. Stay tuned!

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